Dental Lab Manager

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Dental Lab Manager

Positions available in Boston, MA


The Manager’s responsibilities will include both technical and supervisory duties. They will be responsible for the training and development of all laboratory technicians at the center as well as the implementation of new products and technologies. The Manager will be expected to communicate regularly with our client’s management and take an active role within our client’s Laboratory Network. The Manager will use their advanced technical skills to construct sophisticated implant-based dental prosthetics to exacting standards for fit and esthetics and use critical thinking to develop and share complex solutions with the Center Prosthodontist as well as auxiliary team members. While work methods follow established procedures and practices, candidates are expected to consult with their clinicians and team using a high degree of judgment on a patient-by-patient basis.


Duties and Responsibilities: Supervise all laboratory personnel and laboratory processes; Oversee the receiving and entering of all laboratory work and accompanying materials including impressions, models and components; Proficient with manufacturing and fitting of all aspects of full-arch dental prosthetics including accurate manufacturing and articulation of implant models, setting of denture teeth, denture processing and all related components and processes; Responsible for the accurate and on time manufacturing of the prosthetics within a patient-driven schedule; Troubleshoot, repair, and record fractured or broken prosthesis; Construct and monitor a schedule for equipment, instruments and facility maintenance; Responsible for all laboratory related supplies and ordering through paper and/or computer-based purchase order systems; Teaching and training of technicians and auxiliary team; Operate computers and standard office type applications such as web browsers, word processing and spreadsheet software applications as well as dental laboratory specific applications; Maintain only the highest degree of professionalism and communicate clearly both verbally and in writing.


Education and Experience: A minimum of ten years of hands-on technical experience with at least two years serving in a technical supervision or management capacity; Qualified candidates should have experience and be proficient in full-arch hybrid restorations, complete dentures, overdentures and implant based restorative techniques and have strong knowledge of dental science and anatomy and esthetics.


Physical Requirements: Regularly required to work in an office environment at both his/her own and others’ desks/offices; Required daily to walk the floor and be available to help wherever needed; Must be able to regularly lift and/or move up to 50 pounds; Quickly identify safety placards and hazardous situations to avoid or minimize injuries and property damage; Use small tools and equipment which require good manual dexterity.

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